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Established in 2005, PIM(Topworks) plastic mold company supplies design of plastics, contract plastic mold making, and custom injection molding service.

Endlessly, Topworks plastic mold manufacturer is dedicated to supplying top quality, tight tolerance contract plastic injection molds.  

And now it becomes a key Chinese plastic mould company and contract tooling maker for high-quality plastic injection mold tooling.

Starting from humble beginnings in 2005 with 15 employees in a 500 square meter plant in Huangyan, known as a Chinese mold town with over 3 thousand plastics companies,

Today it has grown to employ 80 staff across locations in both Huangyan and Dongguan , including over 70 professional plastic mold engineers boasting rich mold-making experience.

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At Topworks, we get how much our molds matter to your success and good name. We’re always pushing to be better, so you get top-notch mold tooling and injection molding that’s safe and on time, meeting or even beating what you expect from us.

Quality is king here and it’s all about giving you the edge to win big – which in turn helps us grow.

Talking to you straight means we can figure out what you need and get it just right. Our goal is to give you the best molds out there, custom-made quick and smart for what you ordered. We’re in it for the long haul – aiming to boost your workflow and keep you crushing it in the marketplace year after year. Teaming up with you means a lot to us and we can’t wait to keep this going strong as trusty partners down the road.

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Partner with Topworks today to transform your complex designs into flawless, cutting-edge products through our agile, technology-driven solutions.

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What Our clients say

“I’m glad to inform you that all plastic parts are perfect!!! We are delighted, and therefore there are good chances to continue our relationship for any coming new project.”


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Steven is an excellent professional with great knowledge and technical practice.”



“Steven is a very detail-oriented project manager and engineer who can solve problems creatively and also provides excellent service. It was a pleasure working with him.”



We cover the following industries

  • Computer/Business Equipment;
  • Consumer Appliance;
  • Industrial;
  • Packaging – Food/Beverage;
  • Construction;
  • Lawn & Garden;
  • Machinery;
  • Electronics/Electrical;
  • Medical/Laboratory
  • Household Utility Ware
  • Defence


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The injection mold quotation process can seem complex for customers who are new toinjection molding manufacturing. With multiple steps involving design, engineering, tooling, and production planning, generating an accurate quote requires expertise and care.

Below we explain the 9 key steps in our injection mold quoting process – from initial inquiries to placing orders. We hope this guide serves as a helpful introduction for all customers exploring injection molded parts production.

  • Initial Inquiry
  • Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Initial Tool Budgetary Estimate
  • Detailed Part Quotation
  • Quotation Review and Discussion
  • Tool Design Confirmation
  • Purchase Orders and Payment
  • Tool Fabrication and Samples
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Injection mold pricing depends on numerous intersecting components and influencing variables. Unlike simple manufactured parts quoting, mold costs encompass specialized design, engineering, machining, components, automation, and project management.

Below we explore the key constituents molding buyers should understand when budgeting for an injection molding project. We outline typical pricing factors and guidelines for both reference and clarification.

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Below we detail our advanced mold machining technology, quality standards, inspection protocols, and process controls.

  • I. Design and Simulation
  • A. Part design
  • B. Mold design
  • C. Simulation
  • II. Mold Base Preparation
  • A. Base material selection
  • B. Standard components
  • C. Surface treatments
  • III. Mold Machining
  • A. Rough machining
  • B. Fine machining
  • C. Additional features
  • D. Finishing – polishing, texturing
  • IV. Mold Assembly and Tuning
  • A. Component insertion and alignment
  • B. Hot runner installation
  • C. Mold testing and tweaking
  • D. Quality inspection and documentation
  • V. Mold Trial and Maintenance
  • A. Sampling – test mold with plastic injection machine
  • B. Part approval
  • C. Maintenance
  • D. Documentation

what we supply

  • Plastics Design;
  • Rapid Prototyping;
  • Multi-cavity Plastic Mold;
  • Family Plastic Mold;
  • Hot-runner Plastic Mold;
  • Plastic Molding (Injection and Blow);
  • Secondary Operations;
  • Assembly;

It can be complicated to buy an injection mold, as there will be a lot of back and forth between buyer and contract molder before the final product is settled on. However, the following tips can help save you plenty of time and make the whole process that little bit easier. When buying an injection mold, that age-old adage is certainly true- you get what you pay for. Any molded components that you produce will only be as good as the mold that you used to make them, so you should ensure your injection mold is perfectly suited to your needs- before you buy it.

Create an RFQ that goes into a lot of details.

As skilled as moldmakers are, they won’t be able to read your mind when it comes to what you’re looking for. Include as many specifics as you can at this stage, including the number of cavities, the steel, the desired lifespan of your mold, and any guarantees that you might need. If you aren’t too sure about any of these topics, then tell your moldmaker, and they will be able to help you settle on what’s right for your needs. The more accurate you make your RFQ, the more accurate a quote you will receive in return.

Don’t infringe on a moldmaker’s intellectual property

The ideas and suggestions offered by your moldmaker remain their intellectual property- you can’t simply take those suggestions to someone else to do it for you. If you settle on a different moldmaker, then take their suggestions on board- not only is using someone else’s ideas not okay, but it could also confuse the final moldmaker, who won’t understand exactly why those suggestions were made in the first place.

Ensure you always make your payments on time

Most moldmakers work to a tight budget and require expenses to be paid up-front before they can proceed with your building. If you delay making payments, then you won’t get your mold on time- it’s as simple as that. Different moldmakers will offer different payment plans, so talk with them to figure out a plan that works for both of you.

part design modification will likely mean changing the injection mold itself

If you wind up making changes to your part design while the injection mold is being produced, you will be unlikely to get the mold at a price quote or the original timeframe. Any changes will mean the mold has to be altered accordingly, which adds to both the cost and the mold build time.

Be open about why you want a quote

If you need a general quote to pass on to another department, then let the moldmaker know- they will then be able to get back to you quickly. Creating an accurate quote can take a lot of time, and it’s not fair to waste the moldmaker’s time if you don’t need that much detail or if you might not even buy from them.

Think about forming a partnership with your moldmaker

By working closely with your moldmaker when it comes to budgets, timetables, and part quantity expectations, you’ll be able to work as a team to achieve better results in the long run. Plenty of moldmakers will be happy to provide regular progress reports and update you on the latest developments with your build. You must know everything is proceeding to schedule, so if you need any information, be sure to ask so that you can put your mind at ease.

Know in advance when your mold will be

There are different definitions for a completion date- they could range from when the final payment is made to when you receive a sample part to shipment of the final product. In most cases, an injection mold is considered complete when it is ready to produce its intended part. The majority of moldmakers will be willing to make small changes towards the end of the process to make a part according to print dimensions. If these dimensions change late in the game, then the injection mold may still be considered complete- any additional changes will have to be paid for via an engineering change order or ECO.

If something is cheap, there’s usually a reason behind it

While there will be moldmakers out there who offer a cheaper-than-average rate for a quality product, there will be plenty of others who offer discounts because they cut costs themselves. In the long run, it’s better to pay good money for a high-quality product instead of getting stung by mold that doesn’t meet your standards.