2 ways of insulated hot runner of mould tool

Insulated runner method is changed from the 3-plate mould tool  . The runner ejection
plate ‘ is built-in with the rest of the mould tool and larger sized heated runner channels were applied.
We could find 2 kinds of insulated hot runner mould tool style:

Semi- Protected


Through preserving the mounted half of the  hot runner mould tool in a sufficient temperature, a main core of
material in the runner continues to be at melt temperature among shotting time .
Using this type of design, it is crucial to provide a way of getting rid of the runner system
when it gets harden . On this style a damping lock technique has been utilized to achieve this.
This system has been mainly used with PE and  PP and was the basis of the today’s hot runner
mould tool. This kind of design has primarily been replaced by whole hot runner systems and it is
rarely utilised for new mould tool even when they’re for straight forward applications. we find
, even so , various mould tool of  this sort available which can  provid millions of
components each year.

This particular style is additionally labelled as ‘adjusted insulated runner ‘. It had been brought to prevent
the challenges of the completely insulated style, which are likely to make the gates and runners cooling
off. This was especially problematical with high-temperature materials and hot
probes have been placed inside the runners nearby the gates .

This particular altered style makes it possible for much better temperature control and much more reliable and dependable
manufacturing . Troubles even now can be found  with color alters and high pressure falls
throughout the hot runner system.
This technique was the straight forerunner of the current hot runner mould tool following on from
the totally protected hot runner  has additionally been typically replaced. On the other hand, in the same way
with the former design you may still find many of these types of device existing. Also, it is
utilized usually regarding cost effective simple parts within PE and PP in which the
cost of a whole set of hot runner mould tool would be prohibitive.