Car Auto Air Spoiler Mould and Car Auto Shock Absorber Mould manufacturer from China

Car Auto Air Spoiler Mould and Car Auto Shock Absorber Mould

Air Spoiler Mould manifold

How to make a stripper-plate car Air Spoiler Mould

A stripper-plate car Air Spoiler Mould is one in which the molded car Air Spoiler is ejected by means of a movable plate which “molds” the extreme rear face of the car Air Spoiler . The term “mold” is often used to indicate those areas of a mold part which form the surface of a car Air Spoiler . When a stripper-plate car Air Spoiler Mould is in the closed position, ready to receive the charge from the injection cylinder, the stripper-plate has been pushed back to form the rear, or closing wall of the mold cavity. After injection of material and cooling of the casting, the mold is opened, and the ejector mechanism pushes the stripper-plate to the forward limit of travel. This operation strips the car Air Spoiler  from the cores.

If a plain or “fiat-back” car Air Spoiler  is being molded, it will drop out of the mold automatically at the end of the ejector stroke. Sometimes, however, a stripper-plate may be recessed to form a short projection on the molded car Air Spoiler , smaller in area than the portion molded in the cavity block. Such a mold may or may not be entirely automatic in operation. If the recess in the stripper-plate is very short, or has plenty of draft, the casting may fall out of its own accord. Or, if it does not fall out, but is held loosely, it may be dislodged by a mechanical wiping arm. Such an arm swings across the face of the mold, under the control of a cam, and strikes the sprue slug, causing the casting to fall away from the mold. Instead of using the cam-operated wiper, the operator may use a wooden stick.

The car Air Spoiler  may be held too firmly in the stripper-plate to be dislodged by a wiping arm, in which case it must be removed from the car Air Spoiler Mould manually. Since this requires the operator to put his hand in the mould, it is dangerous. A manual operation also increases the length of the molding cycle.

car Air Spoiler Mould

Car Auto Shock Absorber Mould design and making

The Car Auto Shock Absorber Mould, Fig. 1, is made in two parts. The cover is a plain-back piece, while the Car Auto Shock Absorber is cut back half the wall thickness to enter it. It may be seen from the foregoing discussion that the cover can be made easily in a stripper-plate mold, which can be fully automatic in operation. The Car Auto Shock Absorber is an example of a piece which might be made in the same type of mold with the telescoping portion recessed in the stripper-plate. One reason for employing this design is that the thin wall section (.045) happens to occur at the point where ejector pins would have to be placed for a conventional automatic design. The pins would be rather thin, and subject to breakage. Also, objectionable pin marks would appear.

It is to be noted that the Car Auto Shock Absorber is dimensioned from the inside, where the contents must fit. This gives the Car Auto Shock Absorber mould designer and builder a chance to vary the wall section as required to obtain draft and allows some leeway in the dimension of the hobbed cavity blocks. On a deep draw especially, it is not easy to control the size of a hobbed impression as the metal is compressed cold and expands unpredictably on carburizing and hardening as the heat relieves the cold-work ing stresses. The product designer can do much for the mold designer by dimensioning exactly to show what he wants.

In Fig. 2. Two views are given, one a sectional elevation, and the other a view facing the ejection half. It is preferred to show the ejection half as more detail may be seen. The parting line comes between the stripper-plate  and the cavity retainer plate . The cavities are arranged in rows for the closest possible spacing of the rectangular blocks.

The Car Auto Shock Absorber Mould is of the stripper-plate type, and consists essentially of cavities and cores, retainer plates, backing plates, stripper plate, ejection mechanism, adaptor plates, and the system of sprue, runners and gates for introducing the material into the cavities.


Car Auto Shock Absorber Mould