Baby Item Moulds

Our baby item moulds includes:

Photochemical Etching for baby item moulds

Many baby item products require a textured finish to enhance sales appeal. The product designer in consultation with the sales and marketing department of the company selling the final baby item product normally chooses the actual finish required.

there are many standard finishes available from specialist companies. These are selected from a sample book of plaques supplied by the photo-etching company. Good imitation effects may be achieved,including leather grain and stipple, etc.

The finish is achieved by applying a chemically resistant coating in the form of a pattern produced by photochemical means to the moulding surface of the steel. Suitable acid-based chemicals are then applied to the coating, which results in selective etching of the steel.

There are few plastic mold companies specialising in this process and much secrecy exists as to the details of producing the many different surface patterns.

Care should be taken to ensure that if an etched surface is to he used, it does not interfere with the ejection of the baby item moulding from the cavity. Sufficient draft angles must be used to assist in the efficient removal of the moulding from the baby item moulds.

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