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Plastic bumper mold

It is a development trend in the automotive industry for plastic bumper to replace the metal bumper.Plastic bumper mold design currently mainly has two structures: (1) exterior P/L (2)interior P/L.The first structure is relatively simple for mold design, but as for the mold structure and duration,the second one is much more complicated than the first structure.

However, due to the consumers have become increasingly demanding the high quality appearance of the car recently, the interior P/L for luxury car bumpers before gradually replace the first structure. The second design has the following features: Due to the parting lineset in the Bside, if conventional bevel bar straight ejection adopted,when the mold open, the ejection mechanism will interfere with the undercut release mechanism and break the plastic bumper mold.So to avoid the lifter touching the cavity block is a key point for design.and the following is steps:

Step (1) when the mold open,the lifter block will simultaneously move, which is activated by a hydraulic system pushing the plates (also the gas spring used), to maintain the relative position of the stripper plate and the cavity block;
Step (2) take the advantage of the deformation of products,via the horizontal slider in the lifter blocks, pull inward the end of the part, through rail on the end of horizontal slider to control the stroke, to release the part away from the undercut on the cavity block;
Step (3) the mold open,the product release from the cavity block;
Step (4) continue to eject the part, and control the slide laterally outward movement of the rail by the horizontal slider, until product deformation reset;
Step (5) Finally, continued upward ejection remove the product off the plastic bumper mold.