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Battery Box Moulds from our top-of-the-line collection provide the ideal solution to meet all your battery manufacturing needs. Available with lead acid batteries, lithium ion cells and UPS options in mind, our expert battery mould makers understand the significance of finding moulds tailored specifically for their working environments and requirements.

China battery case mould

Crafted with utmost precision and expertise, our battery box moulds are manufactured using high-quality materials such as PP, ABS, and FR-ABS through plastic injection moulding. These materials not only provide excellent insulation but also ensure the ability to withstand high voltage testing, guaranteeing the safety and durability of your batteries.

Our extensive collection of battery box moulds includes various series tailored to different battery types. For automotive batteries, we offer N40, N50, N70, N100, N120, N150, and N200 series moulds, providing a perfect fit for your specific vehicle requirements. If you’re in need of UPS batteries, our 55AH, 90AH, and 100AH series moulds are designed to meet your backup power needs reliably. For invertor batteries, we offer the IT 500 series moulds, and for DIN batteries, we have the DIN55 and DIN66 series. In addition, we are capable of creating custom plastic battery cases moulds according to your unique specifications.

With our Battery Box Moulds, you can ensure the utmost protection and longevity for your batteries. The precise design and superior construction of our moulds guarantee a secure and snug fit for your batteries, preventing any damage or leakage. By choosing the right mould, you can optimize your battery’s performance, extending its lifespan and enhancing its efficiency.

Don’t settle for subpar battery container moulds solutions. Invest in our high-quality Battery Box Moulds today and experience the difference for yourself. Take the first step towards superior battery protection and efficiency by contacting us now!

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