Consumer Appliance Plastic Mold

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Upgrade your home appliance manufacturing with our premium plastic molds for consumer appliances. Our high-precision molds are specially designed for the production of durable, functional plastic components for various home appliances.

Choose from our extensive selection of refrigerator molds, air conditioner molds, dehumidifier molds, washing machine molds, and more. Our molds enable the efficient mass production of plastic housing units, control panels, fan blades, water dispenser covers, and other critical appliance parts.

Precision-engineered using advanced CAD software and CNC machining centers, our molds deliver components with excellent dimensional accuracy and repeatability. The high quality plastic parts consistently meet strict appliance industry standards.

Rely on our molds constructed from wear-resistant metals like precipitation hardened stainless steel to maintain mold quality after high volume production runs. Our experienced engineering team works closely with customers to develop the optimal mold design to meet your specific appliance manufacturing needs.

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Consumer Appliance Plastic Mold

Home Consumer Appliance plastic molds

consumer application plastic mold
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  • mold cavity:1
  • Hotrunner:2 drops with “HOTSET”  heating coils,separted temperaturer controller
  • mold cavity steel:DIN 1.2738
  • mold core steel:DIN 1.2312
  • mold slider insert:DIN 1.2738 with Nitriding,
  • mold insert:Copper Beryllium for good cooling
  • Plastic material:ABS
  • Cycle time:25 Secs
  • Delivery time:50 days.

Our Home Consumer Appliance plastic molds making service includes:

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Oil heater mould
Oven mould
Patio heater mould
Radiator (heating) mould
Refrigerator mould
Home server mould
Sewing machine mould
Stove mould
Sump pump mould
Thermal mass refrigerator mould
Tie press mould
Toaster and toaster ovens mold
Trouser press mold
Vacuum cleaner mold
Robotic vacuum cleaner mold
Washing machine mold
Thor washing machine mold
Water cooker mold
Water heating mold
Window fan mold
Television  mold

Flame supervision device mould
Forced-air  mould
Futon dryer mould
Garbage disposal unit mould
Gas appliance mould
Go-to-bed matchbox mould
Hair dryer mould
Hair iron mould
Hob (hearth) mould
Humidifier mould
HVAC mould
Icebox mould
Internet refrigerator mould
Clothes iron mould
Ironman (ironing) mould
Kimatsu mould
Kimchi refrigerator mould
Mangle (machine) mould
Manual vacuum cleaner mould
Micathermic heater mould
Microwave oven mould

Air conditioning mould
Air ioniser
Appliance plug
Aroma lamp
Attic fan
Bachelor griller
Back boiler
Beverage opener
Box mangle
Can opener mould
Ceiling fan mould
Central vacuum cleaner mould
Clothes dryer mould
Combo washer dryer
Dish draining closet
Domestic robot
Comparison of domestic robots
Drawer dishwasher
Electric water boiler
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