How to make a plastic mold


how to make a plastic mold
how to make a plastic mold


How to make a plastic mold?which is a question for some plastic mould makers in china as beginners,now the following steps could answer this question:

1. Design (mold and part structure )

The feasibility analysis  on the design of the products and mold  to ensure the correctness of each product before mold design.and  determine the key size.After product analysis performed,what  kind of mold structure should be decided, also for the processes and process content,finally expand products design on the drawing.Material Preparation:prepare the material according to product expanded diagram, and determine the size of the mold plates.

2. machining (CNC, lathes, etc.)

There are  two categories for machining:manual  and CNC. Manual procession means workers operate milling machines, lathes, drilling and sawing machines and other mechanical equipment to achieve a variety of materials processing methods. Manual processing is suitable for small quantities, simple parts production. CNC machining (CNC) refers to the use of CNC equipment machines to make plastic mold components, these numerical control equipment  include machining centers, milling centers, EDM, wire cutting equipment, thread cutting machines.

3. Post-treatment:

post-treatment includes:EDM(electricity discharge machine)which is for the fine details of mold profile or some loaction machining which couldn’t be achieved by the engraving machine.wire cutting is a way to cut frame for insert or sliders system.plating is for protection the surface of cavity and core of the mold.

4. Mold assembly:

Mold assembly process could be divided into 2 kinds:  interchangeable and non-interchangeable assembly method .Since mold is a single-piece production,But also owns unique and  high precision characteristics,So now non-interchangeable mold assembly is a basic  method.With the current  modernization of technology and equipmentss, manufacturing interchangeable  precision mold parts will gradually be possible to meet the requirements, the application will get more and more wider. .

5. Inspection:

Inspection for the material outsourced, the product finished and mold assembly is required in order to ensure that the customer’s product and mold to meet expected demand. The material from the outside, the inside of the product and mold assembly after the inspection required in order to ensure that the customer’s product and mold into use to meet expected demand. The inspection includes:1.process inspection: inspection  for internal processing of molds, parts of semi-finished and finished product inspection: inspection  for the mold after assembly, including mold appearance, testable formability, molding products, etc.

6. tryout

After mold is finished at plastic mold factory, it is hoped to have a wide-window operation.During tryout,the operator hope to  find a set of optimal molding conditions; which could help to set the default value for reference of plastic  injection molding plant operator.They could adjust the optimal process conditions under this set of data .

So the answer to “how to make a plastic mold” is a process like:design,machining,post-treatment,mold assembly,inspection and tryout.