The molding operation affords several chances to enhance components functionality and reduce goods expense. As an illustration, the per-part mold charges associated with adding practical data to the part design are often insignificant.
Molds reproduce many characteristics practically for clear. Carefully review all features of your blueprint with an eye to optimization, including part and hardware consolidation, polishing factors, and required markings and logos, that happen to be talked about in this section.
Within the constraints relating to excellent molding practice and practical custom mold construction, look for chances to decrease the number relating to parts in an assembly through components consolidation. A single casted part can often combine the functionality relating to two or higher components.
Clever part design can often get rid of or reduce the require for hardware fasteners such as fasteners, nuts, washers, and spacers. Molded-in hinges can replace metal ones in many purposes. Built-in cable guides carry out the identical perform as metallic ones
at practically no added expense. Reducing hardware lessens polymer and assembly costs, and makes ease of dismantling for recycling.
Consider specifying a molded-in color rather than paint. The cost savings could more than justify any raise in material expense for the colored polymer with the required exposure performance. If you must paint, select a plastic that paints easily, preferably part that doesn’t demand area etching and/or primer.