Chair Mould,Plastic molded chair manufacturer in China, back insert exchangeable,steel P20,718

Chair Mould,Plastic molded chair

A China Plastic  Chair Mould and injection molded chair manufacturer and supplier,the back insert could be changed,steel:P20,718 with good price and quality…

For more than ten years, we have been providing custom molds for plastic chair to customers around the globe, and have provided chair molds of the highest quality and exceptionally good service to customer’s all around the world at and above the competition.

We provide the best quality in the custom Plastic molded chair industry by using the most advanced technology available to produce custom plastic chair molds, using the most advanced process technology available.

The Topworks team consists of highly skilled professionals who have had solid experience over the last ten years in the plastic mold industry giving the company an edge in this industry. This in turn enables the company to provide the highest level of skills, knowledge, and dedication during the entire production process.

There is no doubt that Topworks is capable of manufacturing complete chair mould also plastic molded chair that are made from the highest quality steel and plastic material at the highest possible rate, as well as doing so in a timely and accurate manner.There is also the option of customizing the assembly of the molded chairs to meet a specific customer need.

Further, all fabrication can be acquired at our facility, including creation of prototype chair molds or production chair molds, or chair creation. Our full service fits into each client’s goals, saving time , as well as facilitating the distribution.



chair mould

chair mould

    • chair mould:
    • mold cavity:1
    • runner:cold runner
    • mold cavity steel:P20
    • mold core steel:P20
    • mold slider insert:DIN 1.2738 with Nitriding
    • Core insert activation:2 Hydraulic Cylinders
    • Plastic material:HDPE

Topworks chair mold pros:

1.Professional in make all kinds chair mould,toilet seat mould and outdoor chair mould.
2.plastic chair mould with High quality and competitive price.
3.Continuance service and technical support.
4.Rich experienced skilled workers.
5.Professional chair mould designer.
7.High quality,reliability and long product life of plastic chair mould.
8.Mature,perfect and excellence
9.On-time delivery of chair mould

chair mould maker

chair mould and toilet seat mould manufacturing can be divided into the following steps:

  • Plastic chair analysis

In the chair mould design, the designer should make a full analysis of chair in accordance with the principle of injection moulding processing, and the designers need to carefully negotiate with the mould buyer, which includes the geometry of the plastic chair, the size and appearance requirements to avoid unnecessary complexity of the Plastic chair mould manufacturing.

chair mould

chair mould

  • Chair mould structure design

As a high-quality Plastic chair mould, it not only need to have good processing equipment and skilled mould manufacturing workers, but also a very good chair mould design, especially for complex Plastic chair mould.

Mould design accounts for over 80% of the quality of the mould. A good Plastic chair mould design:

  • good quality,
  • low cost,
  • less difficult and
  • short delivery time

To achieve this, it not only need fully understand the customer request, but also know the injection moulding machine, chair mould structure, mould machining process and plant capacity, etc.. Therefore, to improve the mould design, we should do the following:

  • Understands the details in the design, the function of each chair.
  •  References to the previous similar chair design, understand its mould processing, learn the experience and lessons.
  • Understand the operation of the injection moulding machine, the relationship between the plastic chair mould and injection moulding machine.
  • Understand the processing of products, and the characteristics and limitations of each processing.
  • Refer to the mould modification and trial result.
  • Understand the impact of the mould gate design on the products.
  • Study some special chair mould structure to understand the latest mould technology.

chair moulding


Chair Moulding Cycle

molding cycle









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