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RP technology is a complex technology on the basis of modern CAD ​​/ CAM technology, laser technology, CNC technology, precision servo drive technology and the integration of new materials technology. Different types of rapid prototyping systems are used due to different materials, and modeling principle and system characteristics are also different. However, the basic principle is the same, that is, “overlay manufacturing ”


RP technology could change processing an entity of complex three-dimensional into processing a series of discrete layers, which greatly reduces the difficulty of processing, and has the following characteristics:

  • rapidity of the whole process, suitable for modern rapid change market;
  • complex three-dimensional solid shapes could be achieved;
  • directly driven by the CAD model, achieve the high integrity of design and manufacture, intuitive design and ease of modification provide a good design environment;
  • Molding process without special fixtures, molds, tools, which not only save costs, but also shorten the production cycle.

The above characteristics determine the RP technique is mainly suitable for new product development, rapid single-piece manufacturing and small batch parts manufacturing, mold and model design and manufacture of complex shapes.

It could greatly shorten the development time of new products, and present the new products to market quickly;

-shorten the model or mold manufacturing time by several times;
-Improve the ability to manufacture complex parts;
-Make it possible to directly manufacture complex models ;
-Significantly improve the mass production success rate of new products;
-discover the product design errors, early detecting and modification could avoid substantial losses caused by the subsequent process changes;
-Supports synchronous operation works;
-Make the design, communication and evaluation to be more figurative, so that the new product design, sample manufacture, orders, production preparation, and other work can be performed at same time;
-Support the technological innovation, improve product design;
– Help to optimize product design, industrial design, which is particularly important.Exponentially reduce new product development costs;
-Saves much mold costs

Rapid Tooling can quickly achieve a single item and small batch production. So that the new product could hit market much earlier and quickly help to occupy the market.

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