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vertical injection molding

The characteristics and advantages of vertical injection molding

  1.  vertical injection and locking device are in the same vertical center line, and the mold open and close have same vertical direction which covers an area of only about half of the horizontal machine.
  2. easy to achieve insert molding. Because the surface of the mold is on up side, locating insert into the plastic mold is easy. if the lower mold platen is fixed,  the movable upper platen machines can easily realize the automatic insert molding.
  3. the weight of the mold is supported by the horizontal clamping platens for up and down movement, so that the mold not be opened and closed wouldn’t happen,which help to maintaining the accuracy of mechanical and mold.
  4. through a simple robot, vertical molded plastic part can be taken out of the cavity, which is conducive to precision molding.
  5. for the locking device is easy open , it is easy to install all kinds of automation devices, which can be adapted to the automatic making  complex and delicate products.
  6. conveying device is easy to be installed beside the vertical molding machine , it is easy to realize automatic vertical injection molding production.
  7. it is easy to ensure the consistency of resin flow and mold temperature distribution.
  8. if equipped with a rotary table, mobile platform and tilt table and other forms, it is easy to achieve insert molding production, in-mold assembly production.
  9. for small batch production, the mold is with simple structure and low cost, and easy to uninstall.